About the Maps

We were talking to friends the other night about the fun of watching Republic of Doyle, especially when locations are just a bit too improbable.  Who drives all the way out to the south side to meet people, unless it’s to have a pretty view of the city in the background? If Jake is racing to a meeting that sure seems to be up in the Rooms, where is he coming from that he’s got to race up between Atlantic Place and the Scotiabank building?  And just where is their house?

Out of that conversation, DoyleMaps was born. I’ve just had time to tag one episode yet, but my grand vision is to build maps for every one.  Eventually, there can even be a Republic of Doyle tour. Mainlander tourists can wander the streets using the highlights from Doylemaps.  Assuming that they film a second season next summer, DoyleMaps can even be a spot to find out where they’re filming at any given time.

It’s still a work in progress, but keep checking in…


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