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The Doyles are employed to help a comedian find a dangerous stalker. Meanwhile, Leslie defines the boundaries for the men in her life, and Allison reveals something to Jake that could be a game-changer.

Original Airdate: 26 January 2011


S02E02 Popeye Doyle

Posted: 19 January 2011 in Episode Locations, Season 2

Jake plays prisoner to find out the location of some stolen diamonds from a gang of incarcerated criminals. Meanwhile, Mal finds out that Rose has been keeping a big secret from him, and Tinny’s money-making scheme starts to take root.

Original Airdate: 19 January 2011

In the Season 2 opener, Jake is on the trail of a group of bold daytime kidnappers; Leslie and Jake take steps to move on from each other as Rose tries to figure out the next steps after Mal’s heart attack.

Original Airdate: 12 January 2011