Coming soon…

As I write this, the Republic of Doyle Season Finale is 15 minutes away, and with it, the close of the first DoyleMaps Screenshot Contest. Here’s what you can expect at DoyleMaps over the next little while:

  • The addition of maps for Episodes 2-7, and filling in placemarks on the Season 1 maps.
  • The big DoyleMap, with every location identified to date. Your one-stop reference point for all Republic of Doyle locations.
  • ‘The Best of Doyle Tour’: an easy to follow walking tour of show highlights, such as the Doyle House and the Duke of Duckworth, just in time for tourist season.
  • ‘On Location’: updating the maps as it happens! As RoD films its second season, people who see them filming around St. John’s can add to the filming map.
  • Another contest when Season 2 premieres…

Is there anything else you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments.


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